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We offer a variety of services to help support your company in meeting it's business goals. Below is just a sample of services that we offer. Reach out to schedule a consultation call. 

Therapy Session

Individual Team Member Coaching

Our Individual Team Member Coaching service provides one-on-one coaching to help individuals work on specific barriers to performance that could include concerns such as low self-esteem, poor time management, difficulties with self-regulation, and anxiety management. Our experienced coaches will work with you to create a tailored plan to meet your individual goals and help you make changes to improve your performance. 

Investment starts at $200 per session with Hayley Niles, LMFT, Stacey Sheller, LMFT or J'nay Reckard, LMHC.

Investment starts at $250 per session with Linda Meier Abdelsayed, LMFT, CEO of Smart Talk. 

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Executive Leadership Coaching

Our Executive Leadership Coaching service provides one-on-one coaching to help executives deeply examine their strengths and weaknesses, reduce anxiety and fears, and increase their confidence and decision making skills. Given the specific needs of leaders, this coaching program is only offered by our leader, Linda Meier Abdelsayed. Linda will work with you to create a tailored plan to meet your professional goals and help you reach your fullest potential.

Investment starts at $250 per session.

Board Meeting

Teams Skill Building

Teams Skill Building is a corporate wellness coaching service designed to help optimize team performance. Through team meetings, our experienced coaches help to increase inner team communication, reduce conflict, and improve team cohesion. By leveraging the knowledge of our experienced staff, we can help your team reach its full potential.

Total investment is set based on number of employees participating in teams skill building, number of sessions required, and length of sessions. Sessions are usually two hours long and teams usually require a minimum of 3 - 5 group sessions to see positive results.

Investment starts at $400 per session.



Our Workshops are the perfect way to bring corporate wellness coaching to your whole team. Our workshops cover a range of topics, from preventing burnout and increasing happiness to achieving work-life balance. We also offer break out groups and wellness events to help your staff find balance and build resilience.

Investments are set based on length of workshop, number of employees attending, travel, etc...

Investment starts at $1000 per hour. 

Teen Psychologist

Wellness Program (Individual or Teams)

Our Wellness Program is designed to provide your employees with the tools they need to stay healthy and reach their personal and professional goals. This comprehensive benefits package offers employees increased mental health, improved performance, and a higher chance of happiness and job retention. Our team of experts will work with you to develop a customized plan tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

Investments are based on number of employees participating in the program, and number of sessions allowed per calendar year.

Investment starts at $350 per employee per calendar year.

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