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Computer on a desk with a phone and a coffee cup to show clients that they can do virtual coaching sessions from their computers.

Welcome to Smart Talk 

A stress management presentation here, a yoga class there, or a meditation room is simply not enough to solve the deep rooted stressors that people face in today's corporate world. What is actually needed to create meaningful and lasting change is to work with licensed mental health professionals. We use our years of education, training, and expertise in the mental health world to support corporations in not only reducing but also preventing anxiety, stress, and burnout resulting in employees feeling happier, more fulfilled in their careers, and more productive.

Meet Smart Talk

Corporate Wellness Coaching for Companies

"As a mental health professional I have worked more and work with clients in the corporate world who had used coaches and just weren't seeing the results they were looking for. I was able to dig deeper into some of the most common performance issues such as Imposter Syndrome, and anxiety around public speaking that clients faced. I realized that even though coaches are wonderful resources for standard things such as "how to get the right work done" or "how to get that promotion you really want" they are not equipped to bridge the gap between what we tell ourselves we are capable off achieving and our true potential. I created Smart Talk Coaching as a way to bridge this gap by having licensed mental health professional become coaches."

- Linda Meier Abdelsayed, LMFT

Founder of Smart Talk Coaching

Picture of our founder working on her computer with clients in office.

Our Areas of Focus

Employee Team Performance

Job Satisfaction

Employee Retention

Employee Burnout

Leadership Development

Dry Plants

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"When preforming in a high-stakes/high-stress environment, the needed mental resiliency doesn’t always develop spontaneously. For our Emergency Medicine residency program, rather than leave that up to chance, we sought to actively teach and develop those skills. Smart Talk sessions provide training to proactively mitigate burn-out and negative stress reactions. Our residents are provided a tangible set of skills and practices to recognize stressors and respond to them productively. "

- Dr. Matthias Barden, Residency Program Director for Eisenhower Health Emergency Medicine

"Smart Talk and Linda‘s counseling support and availability has been invaluable for our Emergency Medicine residents, especially during the pandemic and on particularly critical days on shift. 

Her lectures have been such an important addition to reach our residents as a group."

- Carol Morris, Residency Program Manager for Eisenhower Health Emergency Medicine

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